Production Management Software

A powerful production management solution for facilities of all sizes, this software provides modules to manage inbound logistics, warehousing, production, post production and integration to accounting systems.

  1. Inbound Logistics : Schedule inbound delivery with advance manifest information, avoid scheduling conflicts and optimize intake.
  2. Warehousing and Inventory Management: Powerful In/Out features, real time visibility including production floor material data
  3. Production: Production data generation, optimized personnel assignments and optimization to order or to stock
  4. Flexible: Customize it to your production facility
  5. Maintenance module: Keep track off consumables and spares to ensure a smooth flows on the production floor
  6. Human Resources: Maintain critical data on human resources, plan schedules, track and compensate based on actual performance
  7. Open architecture, Integrations : Customize and integrate the software to any complementary modules such as Finance, HR, Document management systems, Security systems and Sales